changing blog style: peach-kissu > lilac-pierces


hey guys, this is a really big announcement…

i’m going to be changing my blog style.

i’m not changing my blog style for anyone, i’m changing it for myself. i’m not really into korean stuff anymore, so yea. i still listen to kpop occasionally, but i’m just not excited about it anymore. (i will STILL FOLLOW YOU if you have a SIMILAR blog style).

my blog is going to have the following posts from now on:

  • pastel things (i’ll never stop liking pastel stuff haha)
  • black/white
  • indie
  • grunge
  • pale
  • anything i like

i really loved talking to you guys out there in the pink/kfashion community and i hope that some of us will still be in touch. thank you guys so much for talking to me and stuff.

and that’s it.. :)